The Hause

18 years ago I bought a historic (more than200 hundred years old) Farmhouse, with 2.5 hectares of land part of it is fruit trees and part is a forest. during these years I've restored very carefully half part of the house trying to keep its original character. the other part of the house is waiting to be restored. The house is composed of 2 symmetric parts: 2 entrances a staircase in the middle and 2 rooms on both sides for 3 stories. There is also a Cantina in the basement that used for the wine production. In the garden, I've created a very nice fish pond. the house is situated on a hill surrounded with vineyards, in the village of Santo Stefano Belbo in Piemonte Italy. The place is famous for the Moscato wine.

The Land

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Santo Stefano Belbo is 120 km from Milano and 80 km from Torino it is close to the French Alps and to the Riviera.


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unfortunately for personal motives, I have to sell it, and that is a good opportunity for the one who is looking for a great house and a great location!

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